Monday, June 27, 2011


Are we filling our lives with useful things? This thought has run through my mind many times. Are we really doing all we can to serve our Maker? I try my absolute best but I do fail terribly, I know. Sometimes too I wonder, "am I filling my life too much with unnecessary things? I admit that it is hard to be a older sister and have the responsibility of being a good example to younger siblings. I do something maybe not quite right, and soon I behold a little shadow following in my footsteps. And maybe Mama says, "Don't do that..." and a little voice answers, "but Mama, Vanessa was doing it!"  ?????? Oops! I have also learned that I have to be VERY careful what I say or someone might take it wrong and get upset with me or someone else. Then I have to go and ask for forgiveness to all concerned. I often think my most commenly used words are "I'm sorry". Why? Probably because too many times, us girls, (me anyways) maybe make excuses to get out of having daily devotions. Like "I'm too tired", or "I don't feel good enough to read the Bible tonight". I recently did a Bible study on Deuteronomy 11:16  "Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;" and was surprised to find that "deceived" really meant "to be fearing/fearful"  Hmmm...does that mean that if we fear what supposedly is supposed to happen to this earth and all the major destruction and devestation that we hear about, if we are afraid and in a tizzy over it that we are being deceived? Makes sense though. What is the most powerful force in the universe? LOVE! And fear is the opposite of love, so why not? "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." 1 John 4:18  I encourage you girls, to love, not fear, and to trust always in the Most High, for he is our rock and fortress and he has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Blessings In Yahuwah,


  1. I love your new blog backround! It's so much more pretty and girly than before.
    I also love your post, too. It made me think of how everyone is afraid that all life is going to end in 2012. If YHVH never said that, why would people believe that He would let His people die? If you trust and follow YHVH, there is no reason to fear! Besides, accoring to Matthew 24:36, no one but the Father knows when He will end the world, so who are WE to set dates? But even if the world were to end in 2012, if we are ready, then again, we need not be afraid! But I understand how you feel. The earthquakes in Haiti and Japan and the flooding happening here in the United States can be scary.
    Oh, and I also get what you mean by watching what you say. It seems that it takes only a spark to start a fire!
    Well, all I can say is YHVH bless you!
    formerly the "Baking

  2. And all I can say is, WOW!! Vanessa, you sure do have a gift for writing! I've been wanting to do similar posts, but never did. I will now, I'm so inspired!! :) And, yes, I too like your new background and everything. :) I sure do miss talking to you, my sweet schwester! :) Please write soon, and be blessed in Yahwah.
    Your dear friend,

  3. Thank you both.. You have no idea how you two encourage me. Thank you my darling "sisters" and friends...Miss you both~


  4. You're welcome, though I don't see
    what I've done so that you should think of me as a "sister". But thanks anyway!
    I just realized that I made a mistake in my comment and and spelled the word Y-H-V-H when it should we Y-H-W-H.
    I hope that you feel better soon!