Sunday, December 25, 2011

Time To Laugh!!

Here's something to keep you laughing!

Q. How can you stop a small child from spilling food at the

A. Feed him on the the floor.

Q. What happens to little girls who swallow bullets?

A. Their hair comes out in bangs.

A farmer and his wife went to a fair. The farmer was fascinated by the airplane
rides, but he balked at the $10 tickets.
"Let's make a deal," said the pilot. "If you and your wife can ride without making a single
sound, I won't charge you anything. Otherwise, you pay the ten dollars."
"Good deal!" said the farmer.
So they went for a ride. When they got back the pilot said, "If I hadn't
been  there, I never would have believed it. You never made a sound!" "It wasn't
easy either," said the farmer. "I almost yelled when my wife fell out."

When the cop asked the prostrate man if he got the number of the hit-and-run driver, he said,
"No, but I'd recognize my wife's laugh anywhere."

Boy: "Ah, look at the cow and calf rubbing noses in the pasture. That sight makes me want to
do the same."
Girl: "Well, go's your cow."

A new preacher had just began his sermon. He was a little nervous, and about ten minutes into the
talk his mind went blank. He remembered what they had taught him in the seminary when a situation
like this would arise - repeat your last point. Often this would help you remember when is coming next.
So he thought he would give it a try.
"Behold, I come quickly," he said. Still his mind was blank. He thought he would try it again. 'Behold
I come quickly, " Still nothing.
He tried it once more with  such force he fell forward, knocking the pulpit to one side, tripping
over a flower pot, and falling into the lap of a little old lady in the front row.
The young preacher apologized and tried to explain what happened. 'That's all right, young man,"
said the little old lady. "It was my fault.  I should have gotten out of the way. You told me
three times you were coming!"

Q. Why did the boy stand behind the donkey?
A. He thought he'd get a kick out of it.

Q. What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?
A. Finding half a worm.

Have a great day!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

How nice of you all to be so patient with this whole "I don't have internet" crusade!! I did have trouble logging in to the dashboard on my parents computer, but I decided to try it on this computer and it worked!!!! Yahoooooo! Only problem is yet I have to find a way to put pictures on since all our pics go to mom's computer.... And the long awaited answer to the riddle is finally here:



Ok, so you have it, and I'm so sorry again it took so long..It is ccccccold here about 35 degrees and a little tiny bit of snow on the ground. We did have more before, but it most of it melted and made a mucky, muddy mess out of the yard. Sooooo much has happened here since I last posted. Let's see, Mom is expecting a baby in March/April and everyone here is excited. The boys want a boy, but all the girls are taking their stand
and telling them there is already enough boys and the female population is already small enough! One of our very close friends died of cancer on the 18th. Now his wife has cancer too, so please pray for her and their family. I've been busy with the normal stuff it takes to run a household, dishes, laundry, cleaning etc! And learning a lot of new stuff. I am very interested in making natural cosmetics, and skin care products. That would be so much fun. Off and on I try experimenting with new recipes and have come across some good ones.
Peace and Blessings!