Sunday, December 25, 2011

Time To Laugh!!

Here's something to keep you laughing!

Q. How can you stop a small child from spilling food at the

A. Feed him on the the floor.

Q. What happens to little girls who swallow bullets?

A. Their hair comes out in bangs.

A farmer and his wife went to a fair. The farmer was fascinated by the airplane
rides, but he balked at the $10 tickets.
"Let's make a deal," said the pilot. "If you and your wife can ride without making a single
sound, I won't charge you anything. Otherwise, you pay the ten dollars."
"Good deal!" said the farmer.
So they went for a ride. When they got back the pilot said, "If I hadn't
been  there, I never would have believed it. You never made a sound!" "It wasn't
easy either," said the farmer. "I almost yelled when my wife fell out."

When the cop asked the prostrate man if he got the number of the hit-and-run driver, he said,
"No, but I'd recognize my wife's laugh anywhere."

Boy: "Ah, look at the cow and calf rubbing noses in the pasture. That sight makes me want to
do the same."
Girl: "Well, go's your cow."

A new preacher had just began his sermon. He was a little nervous, and about ten minutes into the
talk his mind went blank. He remembered what they had taught him in the seminary when a situation
like this would arise - repeat your last point. Often this would help you remember when is coming next.
So he thought he would give it a try.
"Behold, I come quickly," he said. Still his mind was blank. He thought he would try it again. 'Behold
I come quickly, " Still nothing.
He tried it once more with  such force he fell forward, knocking the pulpit to one side, tripping
over a flower pot, and falling into the lap of a little old lady in the front row.
The young preacher apologized and tried to explain what happened. 'That's all right, young man,"
said the little old lady. "It was my fault.  I should have gotten out of the way. You told me
three times you were coming!"

Q. Why did the boy stand behind the donkey?
A. He thought he'd get a kick out of it.

Q. What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?
A. Finding half a worm.

Have a great day!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

How nice of you all to be so patient with this whole "I don't have internet" crusade!! I did have trouble logging in to the dashboard on my parents computer, but I decided to try it on this computer and it worked!!!! Yahoooooo! Only problem is yet I have to find a way to put pictures on since all our pics go to mom's computer.... And the long awaited answer to the riddle is finally here:



Ok, so you have it, and I'm so sorry again it took so long..It is ccccccold here about 35 degrees and a little tiny bit of snow on the ground. We did have more before, but it most of it melted and made a mucky, muddy mess out of the yard. Sooooo much has happened here since I last posted. Let's see, Mom is expecting a baby in March/April and everyone here is excited. The boys want a boy, but all the girls are taking their stand
and telling them there is already enough boys and the female population is already small enough! One of our very close friends died of cancer on the 18th. Now his wife has cancer too, so please pray for her and their family. I've been busy with the normal stuff it takes to run a household, dishes, laundry, cleaning etc! And learning a lot of new stuff. I am very interested in making natural cosmetics, and skin care products. That would be so much fun. Off and on I try experimenting with new recipes and have come across some good ones.
Peace and Blessings!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm Vanessa's friend, Hannah. I just want to inform any readers that she is currently unavailable as far as the computer. She doesn't have access to internet right now. She will let you know when she's back. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Riddle Of The Week

I thought I might do this for awhile anyways, just to have something different...

There was a green house. And inside the green house was a white house, inside the white house was a red house, and inside the red house was a bunch of little babies. What am I?

{NOTE: Please post your guesses/answers below. The answer will be posted with next week's riddle}

Monday, June 27, 2011


Are we filling our lives with useful things? This thought has run through my mind many times. Are we really doing all we can to serve our Maker? I try my absolute best but I do fail terribly, I know. Sometimes too I wonder, "am I filling my life too much with unnecessary things? I admit that it is hard to be a older sister and have the responsibility of being a good example to younger siblings. I do something maybe not quite right, and soon I behold a little shadow following in my footsteps. And maybe Mama says, "Don't do that..." and a little voice answers, "but Mama, Vanessa was doing it!"  ?????? Oops! I have also learned that I have to be VERY careful what I say or someone might take it wrong and get upset with me or someone else. Then I have to go and ask for forgiveness to all concerned. I often think my most commenly used words are "I'm sorry". Why? Probably because too many times, us girls, (me anyways) maybe make excuses to get out of having daily devotions. Like "I'm too tired", or "I don't feel good enough to read the Bible tonight". I recently did a Bible study on Deuteronomy 11:16  "Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;" and was surprised to find that "deceived" really meant "to be fearing/fearful"  Hmmm...does that mean that if we fear what supposedly is supposed to happen to this earth and all the major destruction and devestation that we hear about, if we are afraid and in a tizzy over it that we are being deceived? Makes sense though. What is the most powerful force in the universe? LOVE! And fear is the opposite of love, so why not? "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." 1 John 4:18  I encourage you girls, to love, not fear, and to trust always in the Most High, for he is our rock and fortress and he has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Blessings In Yahuwah,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures.....

The sweet little bunny named Lisa... She is so adorable, and extremely fiesty at times!

It has been sooooooo hot here lately. In the 100's, so our friends got a 4 ft. deep pool to swim in. They, and my brothers and sisters, set it up yesterday, and  I had to take some pictures. I will post some more later of us swimming in it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update on my life

Hello! I am enjoying a warm Kansas afternoon, and just returned from hanging clothes on the line. This
is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and a wonderful time to talk to my Heavenly Father. We have most of our garden planted and the plants are popping up everywhere. After making lunch and doing the dishes, (with some help kindly given by the boys) I sent some letters off, that have been waiting to go for a few days. Our computer just got repaired because it had crashed, so I really have a lot to catch up on!
Olivia and I have learned a few other duets together on the piano, and now I am learning a song called "Dare To Be A Daniel".  I almost have it mastered, but there are a few kinks to work out yet. Also the horses are fun to be around. Especially Spot and Lisa. Spot is dark brown with a black mane and tail, and Lisa is light brown with a golden mane and tail. Both are very gentle. I have not had a chance to ride either of them yet, but am hoping to. And we are having a bit of a problem with the other horse, Legend. He has a problem with biting other horses, and he seems to have a grudge against Lisa. But he has not been gentled very well. Olivia and I rearranged us girls room this morning. We were up at 6:05, because of a alarm that went around that the dogs were out!!!! Turned out that one was out, and she was easy to catch. After that we could not go back to sleep, so we switched the beds around moved the dresser, etc... I like it better now!

Blessings in Yahuwah,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Promised Duet!

Here you are!!!  Notice Olivia's clacking foot! She had the bright idea to use a spoon between her toes to hit
on a metal plate for sound effects. It amuses me a lot! The timing is badly off, and the video is poor quality and I am so sorry. We are still learning this song and have not mastered it by far. Enjoy, and laugh till your sides ache! Oh, by the way, you are supposed to play it around a few times, but we only did one...Anyways

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'mmmmm Baaaack!

Blessings in YHVH....I am finally back girls! And hopefully life will be calming down shortly. I am really running out of ideas of what kind of things to post on here too! Besides my blog and being co-owners of Sister's For Yah with my dear and sweet friend Hannah, and my mind sort of goes blank! If any any any body can give me some ideas? I figure people tire of pictures and videos, right? I do want to get and post on here some pictures of our precious friends at who's home we are staying right now. Olivia and I were practicing a piano duet called "Heart And Soul" which is very pretty and I have to say I think we are getting pretty good! Maybe I can coax one of the boys to video us and I can post it on here for you all to watch. All our parents are gone, and I made supper and am debating if I should let the hungry boys eat now, or wait for a while till they get home.(who knows how long that will be!)

Enough 4 Now


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another LOVELY Song!

 It is SOOOOO lovely! How could these boys put together such wonderful harmony? I have listened to it many times, and still want to! I will not be posting for the next few days, but will be back ASAP..


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My "Bestest" Song

This is one of my  favorite songs ...
It is a family from Tennesee, and I LOVE this!


Monday, April 25, 2011

My Cousins

My relatives left here this morning and I am posting a few pictures of just some of my cousins...The other's left before I got pictures.

I am the oldest grandchild and my brother is next, but this is the oldest of our cousins...Shauna is 12

Our very fun-loving cousin Jalyn, nick named "Jay-Berry" or "Jay-Jay" He is 9..

Bradley, 6, LOVES playing tricks on people, and laughs all the time.

Aimee,4, is a very sweet cousin, and fiesty at times too! She was very protective of Seth, a little too much at times, and Seth would get upset!

My favorite cousin! {almost anyway!} Vaughn is one week older than Seth and SOOOOOOO cute and precious! He is sort of a Mama-baby right now though and didn't hardly let me hold him, but oh well!

As you probably can tell, these are all brother's and sisters....I wish I could have gotten pictures of my other cousins!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

~Excuse Me~

Please excuse that I have not been posting recently! My entire family on my mother's side is visiting now and things are WILD! You can imagine with 9 of us, 2 grandparents,8 cousins,6 aunts and uncles and a three bedroom house! My one uncle's staying at a hotel nearby, but the majority is at our house...
3 one year old boys to keep entertained too! We are keeping on our toes! I will post more when I find time...



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazing Facts!

Did you know...

The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds?

Donkey's kill more people anually than plane crashes?

A giraffe can go longer without water than a camel?

There is approxmately one chicken for each human in the world?

It is possible to lead a cow upstairs, but not downstairs?

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why?

A full grown bear can run as fast as a horse?

A cockroach can live for nine days without it's head?

A hippo can open it's mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside?

The placement of a donkey's eyes enables it to see all four feet at all times?

An american cow named Fawn, was not afraid of flying. In May,1963, she was swept up by a tornado,and carried half a mile, only to land safely in another farmer's field. Five years later, another tornado carried her over a bus. She survived this too, and lived to the ripe old age of 25.

"I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvellous works.
Psalm 9:1

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Grandma

My Grandma sewing a dress for my sister....Brendon took a sneak picture of her {LOL}

Sort Of Lizardy!

My sister was out taking some pictures of a lizard that lives under our steps...What is your opinion of him? I think he is rather cute!

Monday, April 18, 2011


My sisters and I wearing matching dresses I sewed for Deanna's birthday...It was a LOT of fun!
{left to right} Myself,Deanna and Rachel

Reading the Bible in a year

Hello girls! I recently decided I was going to read the Bible in a year...I would LOVE to hear from others who are doing it too. I probably am reading too fast though, as I started in Febuary and am in Psalms already. If you are doing it, I would encourage you to keep it up! Don't get sidetracked or miss ONE day, or it tends to fall by the wayside! At least that is what I have found out for myself. It has been a wonderful encouragement to me, and really helps me with being a better sister, daughter and friend.

Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy Spirit is good;
lead me into the land of uprightness.
           Psalm 143:10

Time To Relax And Recline!

My sweet little brother decided to have a snack and a rest!