Monday, April 25, 2011

My Cousins

My relatives left here this morning and I am posting a few pictures of just some of my cousins...The other's left before I got pictures.

I am the oldest grandchild and my brother is next, but this is the oldest of our cousins...Shauna is 12

Our very fun-loving cousin Jalyn, nick named "Jay-Berry" or "Jay-Jay" He is 9..

Bradley, 6, LOVES playing tricks on people, and laughs all the time.

Aimee,4, is a very sweet cousin, and fiesty at times too! She was very protective of Seth, a little too much at times, and Seth would get upset!

My favorite cousin! {almost anyway!} Vaughn is one week older than Seth and SOOOOOOO cute and precious! He is sort of a Mama-baby right now though and didn't hardly let me hold him, but oh well!

As you probably can tell, these are all brother's and sisters....I wish I could have gotten pictures of my other cousins!



  1. Wow!! They don't look at all like Mennonites!! The little girl is sooo cute!!

  2. The children probably would not look like Mennonites, except that they wear dresses. It would be the parents that do more. They do wear clothes with bright colors and designs though if that is what you mean? Some groups are different then others. Like the white-capped Mennonites, they would wear more soft or dark solid colored dresses. I do think the younger cousins are really cute too!


  3. Yep. That's what I mean all right!! :)

  4. Ok! Hope that answered your questions! I see you got the "subscribe" button on your blog too? Wonderful! I saw the email from Jessica too. Have you talked to "The Baking Bachelorette" lately?
    If so, tell her what's going on and to keep in touch. I hardly have time to email I don't know if I will get around to emailing her.
    In YHVH's Love,