Friday, December 23, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

How nice of you all to be so patient with this whole "I don't have internet" crusade!! I did have trouble logging in to the dashboard on my parents computer, but I decided to try it on this computer and it worked!!!! Yahoooooo! Only problem is yet I have to find a way to put pictures on since all our pics go to mom's computer.... And the long awaited answer to the riddle is finally here:



Ok, so you have it, and I'm so sorry again it took so long..It is ccccccold here about 35 degrees and a little tiny bit of snow on the ground. We did have more before, but it most of it melted and made a mucky, muddy mess out of the yard. Sooooo much has happened here since I last posted. Let's see, Mom is expecting a baby in March/April and everyone here is excited. The boys want a boy, but all the girls are taking their stand
and telling them there is already enough boys and the female population is already small enough! One of our very close friends died of cancer on the 18th. Now his wife has cancer too, so please pray for her and their family. I've been busy with the normal stuff it takes to run a household, dishes, laundry, cleaning etc! And learning a lot of new stuff. I am very interested in making natural cosmetics, and skin care products. That would be so much fun. Off and on I try experimenting with new recipes and have come across some good ones.
Peace and Blessings!


  1. I am so glad you're back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I could barely wait for you to get back to blogging! I never guessed that "watermelon" was the answer, even though you gave us 5 months to figure it out! LOL
    You do not know how excited I was when Hannah told me your mother was expecting!!! :D It seems that many of Hannah's friends are expecting lately, which is wonderful news to me!

    I love your new profile picture and blog backround! Blogger has so many more prettier backround options than Wordpress does, which is the website that powers my blog. Almost all of the backround options for mine are WHITE!!! But again, I love yours!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. :( That's so sad how both the husband AND wife are battling cancer. I'll be praying for them!

  2. Hi Vanessa!!!!!!! I'm so glad you've been able to do a new post finally!!! I LOVE your new design!!!! It's gorgeous!!! Ahem, don't you mean she's expecting 2 babies?! Lol!!! I took the liberty to add that part on your profile..look on the side. :)

    Love ya!!

  3. Wait, I thought that they only think it MIGHT be twins, but they're not sure. ???? If it turns out being only one then that's lying. ;)

  4. Jennifer!!!!! If it's only one, then she can change it!! It's obvious it's going to be twins, otherwise this is Goliath junior!!!