Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi people...anyone want to come give me a break from babysitting for a while???
I should just send them outside to play in the HOT PINK kiddie pool, right? I can't stand the color, and it just happens to match my swimsuit, which I can't stand either. I need to get a new one!LOL..(kinda) Rachel said to me "Vanessa why don't you go get in the little pool since you and it match?" And then I had to explain to her that I was not too fond of the idea of having the neighbors drive by and see a teenage girl wearing a hot pink swimsuit and reclining in a hot pink kiddie pool. We have the sweetest stray kitten that has decided to make his home with us. He is orange and was very very thin and had a burnt nose, when he came. He is fattening up very well and has earned the name of Flame. Wish our camera was downloaded on this computer so I could post some pics of him. We went to the library last night since it was open till 8pm.  Don't you love the feeling of getting a stack of interesting books that are just WAITING to be read, you curl into a soft plushy comfy chair and become oblivious to the world for the next 5 hours.....AWWWW! Rude awakening! "VANESSA, Vanessa!! Mom has been calling and calling you! What in the world are you doing?" And so on...oh well, so much for that lovely dream!
Love you all!


  1. Wish I could read 4 5 hours!!! Why oh why do they always have 2 call u when u get to the most interesting part of the book!!!????LOL

  2. Hahaha!!! Little children don't understand, do they? lol Besides, kiddie pools are not refreshing anyhow!

    Awww!!! Orange is my favorite color for a cat! Flame sounds adorable! I hope he's doing better. :)

    May you have more time for reading, and may the weather become more bearable. <3